On the list of things to do: Keep Learning!


Johnny Cash via Letters of Note

For many readers of this blog, learning opportunities figure high on holiday wish lists and resolutions.  In that spirit, I send you into the winter vacation with a short list of terrific opportunities:

  1. The elimination of Teaching American History funding is a sad end to what were fantastic teacher professional development opportunities – but some amazing opportunities remain through other sources.  Why not set aside some time over break to apply for a summer institute? Both  Gilder Lehrman Institute and the National Endowment for the Humanities  have posted their 2012 offerings. As always, there is a wealth of offerings available at very little cost to participants. Some of the offerings align closely with expeditions ESD112 TAH teachers have previously taken:  Study the everyday life of early America with John Demos at Yale! The Age of Jefferson with Frank Cogliano and Peter Onuf at Monticello! Lincoln and Emancipation with Matt Pinsker and James Oakes at Columbia College! Other offerings are of a different nature: Study Shakespeare in DC! The Ethics and Aesthetics of Fairy Tales and Fantasy at Harvard! 
  2. Closer to home, sign up for the Foundation for Teaching Economics free February 11 workshop, “Is Capitalism Good for the Poor?
  3. Even closer to home – because it’s offered in your home – is the online Teaching with Primary Sources Basics course, offered Tuesdays in February.
  4. Support budding historians – and deepen your thinking about student learning – by judging at the National History Day competition!  The Southwest Washington contest will be held February 25. If you can join offer your time to this important endeavor, we’d love to have you: Please email me to let me know you’re interested.

Enjoy your vacation!


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