History on Location 2011 Day Two: Salem

Link to Day One’s post here.

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Day Two started at the Harvard Club of Boston, where John Demos talked about the visible and invisible worlds inhabited by the New England colonists.  We then went to the Rebecca Nurse Homestead, where we toured the Nurse home and graveyard then relived the trials in the reconstructed meetinghouse.  Next, we toured the Peabody Essex Museum, a museum’s whose roots are closely tied to Salem’s maritime history.  We closed the day there with Gloria Sesso, who shared ideas about how to incorporate art into history lessons.

Teacher-participants, I turn this over to you:

  • What do you think were the big ideas we studied here?  Why do you think these are valuable episodes and themes to study?
  • What historical questions were answered here?  What new questions developed?
  • What new ideas or questions about teaching and learning history did this exploration leave you with?

One response to “History on Location 2011 Day Two: Salem

  1. I really enjoyed visiting the Rebecca Nurse homestead. I think hearing the story of the elderly husband and her son who stole the woman’s body back to bury it in an unmarked grave was both haunting and lovely. It should the lenghts a family would go to.

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