For the ears, eyes, and mind – Top tweets

While I think the Twitter feed is a great way to get the word out, many teachers don’t use it.  So, I’ll from time to time post a batch of the links I’ve been listing there on the blog.

Without further adieu:

Classroom resources

Thinking about history & memory

Thinking about schools & education reform

  • Curriculum for Excellence: Video shows Scottish “natural” approach to teaching and learning If any of you ever want to talk about Scottish Storyline, let me know:  It’s a great way to teach!
  • Dan Pink on motivation. Posted a year ago, but I just now saw it and think that it adds to the ed conversation.
  • Lesson Study interviews on It’s the Carolyn, Stan, Mimi, Roni and Matt show!
  • Ken Robinson animated – another fabulous study from RSA
  • Gary Stager offers a reading list for people interested in school reform

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