Teaching The Village With Artifacts

Over the last two years, it’s been my pleasure to work with Fort Vancouver National Historic Site curator Tessa Langford and her colleagues (including Heidi Pierson, Bob Cromwell, and Greg Shine.)  We developed a series of lessons to teach about the inhabitants of Fort Vancouver’s Village, 1829-1860, through studying the objects left behind by Hudson Bay Company workers and their families.  We presented the lessons to area teachers, who critiqued the draft and suggested revisions.  Next, we piloted the lessons in classrooms and learned from students’ responses.  Graphic designer Mike Watters molded our work into an attractive book.  I hope that it proves useful to teachers – either before, after, or instead of a trip to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

To download the teacher’s guide, click on one of the links:

Teaching the Village with Artifacts (High Resolution – 15.7 mb)

Teaching the Village with Artifacts (Low Resolution – 1.28 mb)

Through this guided inquiry, we hope that students will learn about our region’s multicultural past while developing the kind of historical thinking skills demanded by the GLE’s and CBA’s.  Please use the comments section to let each other know how it goes and what changes you’d suggest!


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