Summer Institute 2010 Archives: All men are created equal?

When Thomas Jefferson and the other committee members wrote, “All men are created equal,” what did they mean?  What was unleashed through this declaration?

Spencer Crew (George Mason University) answers these questions in this talk, presented August 6, 2010, at Educational Service District 112 in Vancouver, Washington.

Audio file: Spencer Crew – All men are created equal

Slides (Note: Password protected.  Distribution of these slides is limited to participating teachers.  If you are an ESD 112 Teaching American History participating teacher who would like to access these slides and does not have the password, please contact Matt Karlsen.)

Documentary Support:  Documents: All men are created equal? (Includes:

  • Freedom Petition to Massachusetts Provincial Legistature, 1773;
  • Petition of 1788 by slaves of New Haven for the abolition of slavery in Connecticut;
  • Slaves’ Petition for Freedom to the Massachusetts Legislature, 1777


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