Neither North nor South: The Pacific Northwest in the Civil War – March 6, 2010

Brevet Major John F. Reynolds and Battery C, 3rd U.S. Artillery on parade at Fort Vancouver in 1860. Reynolds was killed at the battle of Gettysburg. Image #111SC 89759, courtesy of the National Archives

Saturday March 6, 2010, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

“Neither North nor South:

The Pacific Northwest in the Civil War”

The Center for Columbia River History with featured historian Dr. Richard Etulain

E.B. Hamilton Hall

New Location!  The Grant House – 1101 Officers Row

Fort Vancouver Historic Reserve

Annually, the Causes of Conflict Teaching American History project partners with the Center for Columbia River History to produce a regional “History on Location” program to complement the year’s focus.

Recognizing the linkages between Civil War and Pacific Northwest history provides us with a dynamic and more accurate way of relating regional and national history to our students. The advancement of slavery and other economic and political factors historians attribute to causing the Civil War also influenced Northwestern development. Nineteenth century sectional sentiments ran high in Oregon and Washington, with social and political impacts that included racial exclusion. Many connections exist between these geographically distant and seemingly disparate histories, including Abraham Lincoln’s interest in the Trans-Mississippi West and his Northwestern political connections; the divergent roads to statehood in Oregon and Washington; the Western training of Civil War soldiers in the pre-war era; the military role in facilitating Northwestern expansion and the transportation infrastructure; and the displacement and dispossession of the region’s Native people.  This program will explore many of these connections in ways which lend themselves to considering classroom implementation.

Keynote speaker Richard Etulain is professor of history (emeritus) and the director of the Center for the American West at the University of New Mexico. He is the author or editor of more than twenty books, including the soon to be released “Lincoln Looks West:  From the Mississippi to the Pacific.”

This event is free to teachers but seating is limited and advance registration is required.  To register, contact Matt Karlsen.

Recommended reading prior to the program:

The Pacific Northwest, Race, and The Civil War – Events Timeline

Abraham Lincoln Looks West

Agents of Manifest Destiny

Spectators of Disunion: The Pacific Northwest and the Civil War

Our Manifest Destiny Bids Fair for Fulfillment (excerpt)

Voices of the Past: Bluecoats and Copperheads

The Tribe of Abraham: Lincoln and the Washington Territory

Also of interest:

Shine, Gregory P. “An Indispensable Point”: A Historic Resourse Study of the Vancouver Ordnance Depot and Arsenal, 1849-1882. Vancouver, WA: National Park Service, 2008.


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