Archive Shuffle

A great post on “The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution in Storage” appears on The Edge of The American West today, commemorating the 68th anniversary of a complicated document shuffle.  It’s well worth the read, and leaves me excited anew for our trip to The National Archives in April.

Beyond preserving and exhibiting documents, The Archives has been working to get them in students’ hands.  In planning our trip there this spring, I was thrilled to learn that the education staff there has decided that merely getting primary docs into classes is no longer enough of an aim:  they’re now committed to making sure that teachers and students are playing with the documents in provocative ways – ways which transcend the limitations of worksheets and invite deeper engagement and meaning-making.  They’re on the verge of a new project – Docs Teach – that we’ll learn more about on our trip.

The Edge of the American West post led me to by the wayside, a blog I hadn’t visited previously.  There, I found a fabulous short film highlighting Getty Images’ Hudson Archive and the search for photos.  Well worth the watch!


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