History Pub – Women and WWI

Even though I can rarely attend, I love knowing that History Pub is happening and that I live in a city committed to historical inquiry and beer.  This month’s – November 30 at 7:00 –  looks especially intriguing:

American physician and suffragette Esther Pohl Lovejoy (1869–1967)

The First World War was a watershed in women’s history. Tens of thousands of women served in the military and with voluntary organizations at home and abroad. Others opposed the conflict and worked to end it. The war also came as women in many Western states had achieved the vote (Oregon in 1912) and as the campaign for a federal suffrage amendment was in its final stage. Because of this many women saw the conflict as an opportunity to expand their participation as full citizens. This presentation will provide an overview of the significant activities and work of women in the conflict. It will also highlight the story of women physicians, including their campaign for officer status and equality in the military medical corps, the formation of all-female medical units to provide medical care and address violence against women in the war zone, and the work of Oregon physician Esther Pohl Lovejoy in France and with the medical relief organization the American Women’s Hospitals. Speaker Kimberly Jensen teaches history and gender studies at Western Oregon University. History Pub takes place the last Monday of the month at the Kennedy School, located at 5736 NE 33rd Avenue in Portland.


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