Teachers – If you’re looking to fund a project in your classroom, you should consider turning to  It’s set up to connect your aspirations to funders.

Others – If you’re looking to help fund teachers’ efforts to meet their students’ needs, you might look to DonorsChoose as a site for charitable giving…

From their website:

How It Works

  • It’s simple to register – tell us where you teach and confirm that you can receive our emails. Then upload a photo that provides a window into your classroom. And voilà! You’re ready to submit a project!
  • Our system allows you to find what you need online, and you choose the exact materials you need for YOUR classroom.
  • Next, you’ll aim to inspire donors by describing what you need, why you need it, and how your project will change your students’ lives for the better.

Donors Choose

  • Every day projects are funded on our site, and yours could be next!
  • Word to the wise: projects under $400 have the best chance of being funded.
  • Check back often – a donor may leave a personal message for you and your classroom letting you know why he or she chose to give to your project.


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