Nancie Atwell & Reader’s Workshop

While the focus of this blog is history education, most of the readers are either literacy teachers or parents, so I’m going to go ahead and post this…

Back in August, the New York Times ran an article on Reader’s Workshop (A New Assignment:  Pick Books You Like.)  I thought the article was a nice piece on the workshop approach, although nothing new for teachers who have been using the approach for eons (I’ll take that back – there was something new:  A positive spin in the media.)    Others, though, found it provocative:  The piece today has 433 comments, a large number of which are negative.

In response to those comments, Nancie Atwell posted a video on the Heinemann site that is well worth your time.  It dispells myths and asserts values that I think will be valuable to teachers, parents, and students.   If I were teaching young people today, I’d encourage parents to take a look to understand why the approach works.


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