Speculative fictions, alternate histories, & real life back-up plans

Counter historical stories are the subject of many a work of fiction.  There are guides for how to write this form of speculative fiction.  I’m thinking of stories where US resistance to Hitler is shifted by a Lindbergh presidency or the Confederates win the Civil War.

What boingboing clued me into yesterday, though, is the idea of archives of things that didn’t happen.  Case in point:  Nixon’s speech in the event of a moon stranding.

Has anyone explored what it would look like to work with students on this type of “contingency studies?”  I can imagine students writing speeches for “in the event that…”

I guess this is related in some ways to the recent Yes Men newspapers (here and here) – but different, too…

h/t:  I became aware of the boingboing post from following Greg Shine’s Tweets – http://twitter.com/gregshine.


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