From the TwHistory welcome page:

Welcome to TwHistory. We believe that history is filled with exciting stories. We also believe that these stories can be told through Twitter; through the people who lived and experienced them. We go through journals, diaries, letters, and other original sources to deliver the day-to-day lives of people who lived through some of histories most exciting times. We broadcast this information through Twitter, and feel this is a new and exciting approach to understanding history. Instead of reading about a month-long campaign in a few hours, you experience it over the course of a month in small 140 character ‘Tweets’.

These folks ran the Battle of Gettysburg as a set of Tweets from 10 characters (7 Union and 3 Confederate.)  So far, I’ve seen Tweets as being a way to narrow down to concise big ideas:  Definitely potential here for using Tweets to show how history unfolds in real time.

h/t:  Blog Divided


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