Resource: House Divided

Having encountered the Building the  Digital Lincoln site, I got curious about what else has been posted by Dickinson College’s House Divided project.  I think there is much here of value to teachers!

From the About the Project page:

The House Divided Project at Dickinson College aims to create resources for teachers and students that will help bring alive and explain the turbulent Civil War era in American history.  Using Dickinson College as a both a window and a starting point, the House Divided Project hopes to find in the stories of thousands of individuals a way to help illustrate how the Civil War came, why it was fought so bitterly, and ultimately how the nation survived.  Dickinson College offers a powerful platform for this examination because the school was quite unique for the era with a student body about evenly divided between northerners and southerners and with a network of graduates who were particularly influential, including both a president and a chief justice in the years just before the war came.   Relying on an interdisciplinary team of professors, staff and students, we hope to bring together cutting-edge technology with the best customs of traditional historical scholarship.

The Underground Railroad Digital Classroom features many lesson plans, written by university historians and teachers, at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. There are virtual field trips using Google Earth, Sketch-Up, and video.  There are links to wonderful documents. Provocatively, there is a solicitation to post student work – but none is posted at this time.

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates Digital Classroom offers even more:  A research engine, 3-d map room, video clips of historians, web guides, exhibits and readings.

Blog Divided links to other great resource banks.  Today, the top entry describes a collection of Civil War Letters maintained by the University of Washington.

The House Divided website, while a work in progress, is a rich resource as is.  Collections are orgnized by People, Places, Events, Major Topics, Documents, and Images.

Great work that leaves me excited for working with Professor Pinsker in Gettysburg and DC!


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