Upcoming Program: Re-Visioning This Place: Chinookan Communities

Chinookan Lodge and Canoes. James G. Swan, ca. 1851

Chinookan Lodge and Canoes. James G. Swan, ca. 1851

Through generous support by the Oregon Council for the Humanities and in partnership with the Columbia River Maritime Museum, this fall the Center for Columbia River History will offer two all-day public programs focused on Chinookan history and culture, “Re-Visioning This Place: Lower Columbia River Chinookan Communities.”

September 19 – 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria, Oregon

This one-day family-friendly program asks participants to imagine a time when Chinookan communities dominated the landscape, canoes plied the Columbia River and its tributaries, and the Chinook controlled trade into the interior, by examining the craft of carving and its connections to transportation and trade. Participants will explore Chinookan culture through canoes, carving, and talks, see Chinookan canoes, and watch master carvers at work. Hear about “Chinook Tilixam” (Chinook people) and learn Chinuk Wawa with Evan Gardner. Presenters also include Dr. Ken Ames (PSU), Charles Funk, Ray Gardner, and Sam Robinson of the Chinook Nation, Jim Sayce of the Washington State Historical Society and master carvers Adam McIsaac and Jim Bergeron. For a full schedule of events, see http://ccrh.org/calendar.php

Admission to the Columbia River Maritime Museum is reduced by two dollars. Carving demonstrations and language lessons will take place outside on the plaza.

October 17 – 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. PSU Native American Student and Community Center, Portland, Oregon Phone: 360-258-3289

This event examines a single but significant material object, a basket. In 2006, archaeologist Dale Croes recovered an intact cedar checker-weave basket from the “Sunken Village” Chinookan archaeological site (1250-1750 AD) on Sauvie Island. Dr. Croes calls the artifact, “the Lucy of baskets,” indicating how significant this basket is to understanding Chinookan culture in Oregon. Nevertheless, this important discovery remains largely undiscovered by the general public. CCRH will present a day of short, family-friendly presentations, with speakers from the Chinook Nation, Pat Courtney Gold, and Dr. Dale Croes. Evan Gardner will teach language lessons focused on basketry.

This event is free to the public.


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