National Humanities Center Teacher Workshops

The National Humanities Center has posted a set of $35 teacher workshops conducted over the Web.  I don’ t know anything about the quality of these workshops, but several look interesting:

Date Topic Leader
Thurs., Oct. 8 The Consumer Revolution in Colonial America Maurie McInnis
Tues., Oct. 13 Why Some New World Colonies Succeeded and Others Failed Kathleen DuVal
UNC-CH; NHC Fellow
Tues., Oct. 20 Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Andrew Delbanco
Columbia University; NHC Fellow
Tues., Oct. 27 Civil War Art Kirk Savage
University of Pittsburgh
Wed., Oct. 28 The Cult of Domesticity Lucinda MacKethan
NCSU; NHC Fellow
Tues., Nov. 10 Emancipation Reginald Hildebrand
Thurs., Nov. 12 The Ashcan School Angela Miller
Wash. U, St. Louis
Thurs., Nov. 19 In Search of the Civil Rights Movement Kenneth Janken
UNC-CH; NHC Fellow

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