Fort Vancouver Podcast: Collection

From Fort Vancouver:

Today, the National Park Service at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site released the latest episode of the Fort Vancouver Podcast.  This episode, featuring Tessa Langford, park curator, and Heidi Pierson, museum technician, takes listeners behind the scenes with the park’s extensive museum collection: the vast array of more than two million items ranging from artifacts recovered during archaeological excavations to old photographs and textiles.

This free audio program, available online via subscription or direct download, is designed to provide a personal, behind the scenes look at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site–the Pacific Northwest’s premiere archaeological and historic site. This is also the first National Park Service podcast in the Pacific Northwest to be featured on iTunes, the dominant podcatching client.

The podcast is designed to enhance the listener’s visit to the site by providing compelling background information, history, stories, and anecdotes that shed additional light on park resources, activities and programs. Conversations with staff members, visitors, park partners and many of the site’s 400 volunteers will take listeners on an intimate journey and help show why this urban national park – with its historic buildings and landscapes, expansive recreational opportunities, reconstructed 1840’s fur trade stockade, dozens of interpretive programs and special events, and a collection of over 2 million artifacts – is relevant today, drawing nearly 900,000 visitors a year.

The podcast can be accessed online through the park website or iTunes. At the podcast’s park website (, visitors can choose to subscribe to the RSS feed and have the episodes sent directly to their computer, or they can download the MP3 file directly from the website. The podcast is also available as a free download through Apple’s online iTunes Store. Simply enter “Fort Vancouver Podcast” into the iTunes search engine or click on the link to iTunes from the park webpage.

“From archaeologists analyzing latest finds to volunteer blacksmiths creating essential tools, from rangers crafting new programs and events to museum staff describing fascinating artifacts, this podcast will help listeners learn much about their national park,” explained podcast producer Greg Shine, the park’s chief ranger and historian,  “and hopefully help them forge their own, personal connection to this very special and significant site.”

What: Fort Vancouver Podcast, a free audio podcast produced by Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Who: The staff of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, a unit of the national park system. Greg Shine is the podcast producer.

Where: The podcast can be accessed online through the podcast’s park website ( or iTunes under “Fort Vancouver Podcast”.

When: The first three episodes of the Fort Vancouver Podcast are currently available; future episodes will be posted each month.

Cost: None. The podcast is available as a free download.


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