Save the Date: Edward O’Donnell October 13

I’ve seen Edward T. O’Donnell present twice:  once on The Gilded Age at the TAH Project Directors’ Conference and again on immigration to the Washougal TAH.  At both, he managed to combine deep content knowledge with a discussion of successful pedagogy.  This combination means that everybody walks away with both new insights into US history as well as new ideas about teaching and learning.

O’Donnell describes his approach to teaching as consisting of four central components:

  1. Finding and exploring conflict and debate;
  2. Recognizing agency;
  3. Maintaining relevancy through making careful connections to the present; and
  4. Extensive use of documents and images.

Building on this approach to history, O’Donnell demonstrates how to catalyze student interest and understanding.  I think his approach to images is especially insightful and know that you’ll find it useful across multiple periods and themes.  I’m thrilled that he’ll be joining us to discuss “Using Primary Documents to Teach the Transformation of Antebellum America” Tuesday, October 13, 5:00 – 8:30 pm, at the ESD 112 Conference Center.

This will make a great complement to the Summer Institute and the Reading History Workshop Series!

Attendance is free but space is limited.  If you’d like to attend, please contact me at your earliest convenience.


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