Lesson Study Update

Just a quick note to let folks know about all the Lesson Study excitement happening around here.  Monday, I was up at Kelso High School for a demonstration lesson looking at Brown v Board of Education and focusing on continuity and change since Plessy.  Soon, I hope to have the lesson posted as well as notes on how the lesson changed since its fall pilot.

Today and yesterday, I met with two groups of teachers at Columbia River and La Center High Schools exploring different but related lessons focused on the expansion of presidential powers.  The La Center group will run their demonstration May 13; River the following day.  Again, I’ll get the lessons posted so that others can take advantage of them.

These fruitful collaborations are funded by the Constitutional Connections Teaching American History Grant.  We have funding to host a few more of these this spring.  If you are part of a team interested in exploring this opportunity, contact me at your earliest opportunity.


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