History of “Direct Democracy”; Reviewing the Federalist Papers

Many teachers in the Northwest are challenged to provide a context for the initiative process.  A new piece by David Marcello, Direct Democracy in the United States, may prove a valuable resource for backrground information.

From the abstract:

The United States is hardly a “model” of direct democracy. Historically, our system has been notable for several institutions of government that might more accurately be described as distinctly “indirect” and “undemocratic.” Against this backdrop of “indirect undemocracy,” we might ask how it happened that the instruments of direct democracy-initiative, referendum, and recall – gained a place in the American political system. This manuscript is a brief history of how direct legislation became a part of state and local government in America during the twentieth century.

h/t:   Legal History Blog

Also for your amusement from the Legal History Blog: Tsai Reviews The Federalist Paper


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