Film resources

Great links suggested by the National History Education Clearinghouse:

Looking for online film resources?

Visit American History in Video. More than 1,200 titles and 420 viewing hours comprise the online searchable collection—including documentaries, newsreels, and archival footage. Browse materials by type or by historical era, download the transcript, link to the video or embed footage on another website. The site includes tools for creating your own film clips, annotating those clips, and choosing who has access: only you, your institution, or everyone. American History in Video is a joint project between A&E Television Networks and Alexander Street Press.

American Experience Films from PBS allows the visitor to browse the entire American Experience series—over 200 films. Watch them online, go behind the scenes, download teacher’s guides. Browse films alphabetically, by season, theme, or historical era.

FedFlix advertises that it features the best movies of the United States government (not necessarily an oxymoron in the context of history education). It’s an eclectic collection of topics and speakers, browsable by subject, author, keyword, or creator. Definitely informative, the films clarify the institutional voice and provide insight into our government and national identity. All films are in the public domain. FedFlix is a joint venture between the National Technical Information Service Library of Commerce and


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