Capitol Forum on America’s Future – March 26 in Olympia

From the WSCSS e-list:

Capitol Forum on America’s Future

Thursday, March 26, 2009 in Olympia, WA

8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Come and Bring Your Students!

The Capitol Forum is an experiential civic education initiative that gives high school students a voice in public consideration of current international issues. The program is run on a statewide basis in participating states and involves students both within the social studies classroom and beyond the classroom at their state capitol. The Capitol Forum seeks to raise awareness on critical international issues and to help develop a foundation for long-term civic engagement.

After four successful years of running Capitol Forum in Washington State, we are trying a new model this year. Teams from schools that participated last year are preparing to model deliberation on issues, such as Environment, Globalization, Immigration, Nuclear Proliferation, and Trade. Then ALL students will break out to explore and deliberate four very different Futures for the United States in the World. After lunch and free time to view the Capitol, each Future group will have an opportunity to make the case for its view of the world, while learning about the other perspectives present. Students are encouraged to consider a Future 5 of their own. The afternoon ends with an opportunity to interact with elected officials and policy makers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a meaningful day at our State Capitol in Olympia.   When you return, your students can participate in the online ballot by Brown University.

To learn more, visit:
·         Capitol Forum Washington State
·         Capitol Forum Brown University

If you’d like to come to observe and/or to bring a group of students, contact:
·      Michele Anciaux Aoki, Ph.D., World Languages Program Supervisor OSPI and State Organizer for Capitol Forum   360 725-6129  |

Cosponsors: Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction International Education Program; Secretary of State Sam Reed; Social Studies Education Program, College of Education, University of Washington; Washington State Coalition for International Education


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