Sustainability Curriculum

From Facing the Future:

How do economics, history, and democracy relate to sustainability? Students learn to answer questions like these through engaging, hands-on lessons in Facing the Future’s new high school social studies unit, Understanding Sustainability.

The unit’s GLE-aligned, real-world lessons encourage students to think critically about issues such as ecological footprint, sustainable civilizations, and media awareness.

Thanks to funding from The Russell Family Foundation, the full two-week unit (102 pages) is available for Washington State teachers to download for FREE. Email to receive a link to download your copy.

Understanding Sustainability includes:

· Sequenced activities for each day

· Student readings

· Homework assignments

· Critical thinking questions

· Action project and service learning extensions

· References and links to additional web resources

“This unit is thoughtful and engaging. It allows students to weave between sustainability locally and globally. I especially appreciated the history lesson as too often we look at sustainability as a modern notion; this will empower students to look at this issue across time and space.”

~ High School Global Issues & World Affairs Teacher, Kent, WA

Facing the Future staff is available to come to your school or district to provide a workshop on this unit or other global sustainability curriculum resources. Click here for more information.


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