David Adler – The Constitutional Presidency – February 4

In a few weeks, David Gray Adler returns to ESD 112 to present on “The Constitutional Presidency.”  His agenda is ambitious:
I. The Presidency and Executive Power in the Constitutional Convention
1. The English Model:  Executive Prerogatives
2. The Framers Reject the English Model and Executive Unilateralism
3. Foreign Relations Powers:  Collective Decisionmaking
4.  The War Power and the Commander in Chief
5.  The Take Care Clause and Suspending Laws
6.  The Pardon Power
7.  Federalist Papers on Executive Power:  Alexander Hamilton

II. Presidential Power in the Early Republic:  Washington-Jefferson
1.  Issues of Concern:  War and Foreign Relations
2.  An Executive Privilege ??
3.  Usurpation and a “thing of wax”

IV  Presidential Power in the 19th Century:  Focal Points
1.  Jackson
2.  Polk
3. Lincoln
4. William Henry Harrison–My “new” Favorite President
5. At Century’s End

V. Presidential Power in the 20th Century:  The Fall From Grace
1.  TR and Wilson
2.  FDR
3.  The Cold War and Truman
4. Rise of the Imperial Presidency:  Nixon-Clinton
5. A New Imperial Presidency and Executive Absolutism
a.  War and Foreign Relations
b.  Torture, Rendition and the Geneva Convention
c.  Take Care Clause and Suspension of Laws
6.  Assessing Presidential Power:  Are We Rome ?

VI.  Restoring the Constitutional Presidency
1. Putting the Genie Back into the Battle ?
2. Taming the Executive: The Way Back
3. Renewing Constitutional Dimensions:  Specific Proposals
4.  Governmental Roles:  President, Congress, Courts
5.  The Role for Citizen Patriots:  Resurrecting Patrick Henry

We’ll have time at the end for teachers to plan for classroom implementation.

To prepare for the day, please read the following:


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