National Online Youth Summit: 2nd Amendment

Apply by December 1, 2008, to participate in this no-cost, interdisciplinary program for high school students.

From the ABA site:

About the Summit
The National Online Youth Summit (NOYS) is a national program that encourages youth to learn about and critically evaluate a timely, law-related topic. The Summit curriculum, objectives, and goals are adaptable and allow teachers to create an exemplary project-based learning experience tailored to their students and relevant learning standards.

Over the last ten years, more than 4,000 students have participated in the Summit. Past topics have included environmental law, immigration, capital punishment, and youth internet access. Visit 2008 NOYS to learn more about last year’s Summit.

The 2009 Summit
During the course of the 2009 Summit, high school students will study, research, and analyze the Second Amendment, and then engage in civil discourse online with students around the country. Students will explore the debate surrounding the Second Amendment through study of:

  • historical context;
  • national and state gun laws;
  • role of pro-gun rights and pro-gun control advocacy groups; and
  • guns in American popular culture.

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