Lesson Study

Lesson Study Cycle

Lesson Study Cycle

We had a great visit from Catherine Lewis last week.  She shared her Lesson Study insights, gained from 25 years of study in Japan and the US.  The fifty administrators we gathered for the program seemed energized, eager to apply their enthusiasm to their work with teachers.

My experience with Lesson Study is nascent:  for the last three years, I’ve been paying attention to it; over the last two months, I’ve had my first opportunities to engage in it.  I’m amazed by how much the responses from the teachers I was working with matched those I was led to expect:

“Lesson Study [moved the conversation from] what we teach to what the students learned.”

“I really enjoyed watching kids learn and process information (or not.)  [It] caused me to think hard about what works, what doesn’t, and why….  Any time we can have serious collegial conversations about our craft, we are blessed.”

This work is key to making teacher work public in a meaningful, productive manner.  Tonight, we have our second class of teachers in the Vancouver area bravely giving it a shot.  I’m hoping for great stuff to emerge.  If you’re a teacher in the area who wants to explore Lesson Study in your US History instruction, give me a call or send me an email:

matt.karlsen@esd112.org or 360 750 7505


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