Candice Goucher: Washington State History through Meals

From the Center for Columbia River History website:

Public Lecture: Dr. Candice Goucher

Food for All Ages: What the Meals We Feed Our Children Reveal About Washington State History

Dr, Candice Goucher
Aug 21 – 7:00 P.M.
Clark County Historical Museum
1511 Main Street
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 360-993-5679

CCRH will partner with the Clark County Historical Museum to present “Food for All Ages.” This illustrated lecture, presented by CCRH Associate and Professor of History at Washington State University, Dr. Candice Goucher, will complement “Key Ingredients, America by Food,” the traveling Smithsonian Exhibit hosted at the Clark County Museum from July 26 – September 14, 2008.

In this talk, Dr. Goucher explores cultural identity and shared values through the historical examination of food memories from Washington childhoods. The focus on food will provide both unique and sometimes surprising historical perspectives. Whether meals were shared in homes or restaurants, from the earliest days of Fort Vancouver, eating in the Pacific Northwest was a global experience.

Dr. Candice Goucher is Professor of History at Washington State University Vancouver. She is co-author of several books on world history and the co-lead scholar on the Annenberg/Corporation for Public Broadcasting project “Bridging World History.” Her current research focuses on the history of food, technology, and world agriculture.


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