CBA Resources from Densho

From Tom Ikeda’s release:

Densho is offering a new curriculum unit for high school history classes on the conflicts arising from immigration. With a grant from the Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program, Densho produced the three-week unit “Causes of Conflict: Issues of Immigration,” a classroom based assessment (CBA) for Washington State social studies. The lesson asks the essential question “How do conflicts over immigration arise from labor needs and social change?” Using primary sources from the Densho Digital Archive and other resources, the student activities examine the history of Mexican and Japanese immigration and the related questions of labor rights and legal equity.

In addition to the new immigration unit, Densho also has available two other popular 3 week CBA units:

Constitutional Issues: Civil Liberties, Individuals and the Common Good
Dig Deep: Media and the Incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II

Teachers may order the free curriculum (includes the 3 CBA units) on a Teacher Resource CD by making an email request to  Please limit CD requests to 10 or less discs.

Or the curriculum can be downloaded from the Densho website at:

Tom Ikeda
Executive Director
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project

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