Historians Online

For the past three years, Constitutional Connections has been posting historians’ presentations on our website for video streaming. Now, we’ve added mp3 audio files so that you can drop them on your iPod and listen to the best of constitutional history while at the gym, on a ride, or gardening. With a click of the mouse, you can rock out to:



2 responses to “Historians Online

  1. Hey Matt…
    At the risk of winning “Biggest Geek in the Room” award, I can get the links to play, but don’t see how to download.

  2. Hey Mike –
    You win it twice over, as you’ve now become the first person to leave a comment on this blog. Congratulations! I wonder: What is the blogger’s equivalent of the dollar bill shop owners hang on the wall?
    I think these steps should work for downloading the audio files – let me know. As for the video, I’m not sure how to do it – which is one of the reasons I’m switching to audio!
    1. Right click on the file
    2. Choose “Save Link As”
    3. Save it to a folder on your hard drive
    4. Move it over to your player, iTunes or otherwise.
    Take care,

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